Slavery and American Racism in the 21st Century- Human Trafficking

Like many things in America Race relations have become a business. I see men of color in the United States Congress and of political affluence in our country talking about reparations for the black man in America because of some horrible cost of a day and age many generations removed from our day.

Our grandfathers of this great nation stood up against racism. Every American knows the ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and for that our country is a better place. What troubles me most about the concepts of slavery is that in America we remain so focused on our own guilt of the past and talking about how those issues culturally affect us generationally, that in this 21st Century we miss the issue of slavery entirely.

Human trafficking in the world today is a terrible crime against humanity and while we talk about reparations for the black man in our public discourse it completely undermines the fact that in the Middle East it is White Eastern Europeans and White American girls that the slave traders are looking for. The slave trade of our day, while not with out its other ethnicities is a terrible thing happening to predominantly women and when I listen to the individuals in our public discourse that should be most sensitive to this issue talk about their own needs in society, I can only wonder what it is that they are really selling.

I really wish someone like Jessie Jackson would get up and talk about this issue because slavery and its abolition are something unique to American story. The fact that we had a civil war where hundreds of thousands of American men lost their lives to eliminate it says something about our people.

The fact that millions of men and women of every color fought bravely for their civil liberties and rights to be treated as equals in the law is a testament to how America can adapt and change and grow beyond itself. When I see this character, I’m not reminded of the horrible ills of our country but the fact that we were able to face those evils and eradicate them from our society and our culture.

When you shine that same Yankee know-how on 21st Century Human Trafficking it makes me wonder what we are gonna’ do because knowing America, I’m well aware of what we can do.


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