DNI Fails To Report The Enemy Within

In the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper’s, Worldwide Threat Assessment to the US Intelligence Community, it is always important to note that in espionage, as in business, what isn’t said is often as important as what is said (Drucker, 2006)⁠. In the director’s assessment he notes many threats that are labeled as threats to the United States as a nation to include threats to our economic infrastructure, cyber-terrorism, and economic terrorism and a threat matrix that continues to label the Nation-State of Iran as a threat to national security (Clapper, 2013)⁠. The Director of National Intelligence successfully externalizes most threats and fails to include domestic issues such as local, state and federal graft and corruption. The threat matrix failed to include the effects of national crony-ism and a debter-states consequences in 5 to 10 years on those who haven’t been born yet.

The privately held banks of the Federal Reserve continue to direct the Federal Government and US treasury on a path of monetizing its debt to the tune of $85 billion a month, which is about $115 million dollars an hour (Schultz & Grenke, 2013)⁠. The National Debt climbs above $17 trillion for an individual share for each taxpayer at an unbelievable $1.1 Million (Matthews, 2013)⁠. The American industrial base as a result of NAFTA/GATT has eroded the potential for jobs (Strachan, 2011)⁠ and is compounded by the worst corporate tax rate in the world (Pomerleau, 2013)⁠. The Federal Government has just saddled the rest of the American economy with a tax called the Affordable Care Act (Government, 2010)⁠ and the average American is spending more on food and energy even though those numbers aren’t being included in the Consumer Price Index, a measurement the CBO uses to adjust government pricing (Michael Sivy, 2013)⁠. More Americans are on food stamps now than are working (Harrington, 2013)⁠. Using inflationary policies to remove the tens of trillions in wealth accumulation residing in mutual funds as the baby-boomers are retiring later than expected due to what has been called the worst retirement crisis in history (Edward “Ted” Siedle, 2013)⁠. Experts agree that Quantitative Easing is not sustainable (Maswanganyi, 2013)⁠. The US House of Representatives has passed over 21 budgets since 2008 while the Senate managed to pass one and neither have been signed by the President of the Untied States into law (McCarter, 2013)⁠.

Countries all over the globe are moving away from pegging the value of their money to the US Dollar (“The U.S. Dollar: Too Big to Fail?,” 2013)⁠ to include: Iceland(“Iceland pays off IMF debt ahead of schedule,” 2012)⁠, Russia (“Russia Paid Off Its Debt To IMF Ahead of Schedule,” 2005)⁠ and Hungary (Baker, 2013)⁠ who have paid off their dollar dominated IMF debt and moved away from the sovereign debt crisis facing the US and UK. The US economic conditions will continue to decline even as the US Central bank continues to lend at interest every dollar it creates to the US Government (R. Lee, 2013)⁠. Since some believe the largest producer of oil in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, is past peak oil (Simmons, 2006)⁠, even though this is probably the closest held government secret of the Saudi’s, and some believe Simmons was murdered (“Matt Simmons: BP, CIA conspiracy theory suggested behind his unexpected death,” 2010)⁠, countries will no longer be forced to purchase US dollars to buy oil and the supremacy of the dollar will decrease as countries look for different sources of petroleum since OPEC supply will continue to decrease if this is the case (Snyder, 2013)⁠. China has bought more gold this year than any other country (Durden, 2013)⁠ in an attempt to establish itself as a new reserve currency (Puzzanghera, 2013)⁠ and many believe the Americans do not have the gold reported by the Central Bank (Borino, 1981)⁠. Notably, an audit of the Federal Reserve in 2011 revealed $15 trillion in formerly secret bank bail outs (Cardinale, 2011)⁠ and the Inspector General of the Federal Reserve reported to Congress in 2010 that $9 trillion was missing from the Federal Reserve and unaccounted for (9 Trillion Dollars Missing from Federal Reserve,Fed Inspector General Can’t Explain, 2010)⁠.

It is in this light that dangers present themselves not in the decline of the biggest military, economic prestige or power of the United States but in what those economic conditions will create. How long will the millennials consent to a tax to pay for a debt they didn’t vote for? What will happen to credit bubbles on academic loans for students who can’t pay them back or those who will be caught in the 2nd housing bubble that is about to burst? All of this is complicated by those who can only work 29.5 hours a week in new jobs created primarily not in the service or government sectors to limit an employers financial exposure to requirements of the new health care law. Small farmers are being pushed out of business by oppressive taxation and regulation and placed on food stamps even as more of the food they buy at the local Wallmart comes from places like Brazil and Chile. When China, Japan and Saudi Arabia stop buying US Dollars the Federal Government will not be able to tax enough to make up the difference.

The US Department of Homeland Security realizes the security implications of this. This happens as the dollars dry up from people not buying US bonds and the US government defaulting on its debt. Even if they tax 100% the flight of capital has been consistent since the 1970’s and there are just some things you can’t tax such as income that doesn’t exist– although politicians in the state of Maryland have tried to tax the rain and in Spain the socialist government has tried to tax the sun. The crash of the dollar would mean civil unrest and quite possibly martial law to restore order. Generations of welfare recipients instead of being taught how to grow crops in exchange for passing drug tests, have been provided EBT cards that in an emergency couldn’t buy anything if the stores were empty. This was evidence in New Orleans and Gulf-port, Mississippi when hurricane Katrina destroyed most of the Gulf Coast with high winds and flooding.

The DHS has recently purchased over 1.2 billion bullets (Gedalyahu, 2012)⁠ and has spent $500k on Pepper Spray Launchers (Watson, 2013a)⁠ and lots of riot gear (Watson, 2013b)⁠. Rumors of FEMA camps show up in movies, books, and over the inter-net as this national police force continues to grow (Slavo, 2011)⁠. The use of surveillance technologies formerly reserved by powers of law for foreign governments are increasingly being used against citizens of the United States against their fourth amendment rights of probable cause for search and seizure (“Whistleblower: The NSA Is Lying–U.S. Government Has Copies of Most of Your Emails,” 2012)⁠. Notably one of the 10 Planks of Communism include the implementation of a national police force (Marx, 1848)⁠. Nazi Germany set up a police state. Communist Russia had a police state as does Socialist China. The US Government set up a police state in Iraq and a Narco-State in Afghanistan.

While the DNI views terrorist activity as a threat to the state, they are not exactly clear on the definition of terrorism or in legally defining what that means specifically, even as it was debated in Congress (Lancaster, 2001)⁠. The attack on an Army Base by a Muslim Chaplain was deemed work place violence and not terrorism (“Lawmakers Blast Administration For Calling Fort Hood Massacre ‘Workplace Violence’,” 2011)⁠. When a man flew a plane into the IRS building in Texas it was a domestic incident and not an act of terrorism (“Man Angry at IRS Crashes Plane into Office,” 2010)⁠. In the same breath the the US Army in Mississippi is classifying people who listen to American Family Radio as a hate group (Starnes, 2013)⁠ and in a related story, fusion centers in Boston were spying on peaceful Veterans groups instead of paying attention to information given to them by Russian Intelligence Services regarding the Boston bombers (Policing Dissent:Police Surveillance of Lawful Political Activity in Boston, 2012). The threat continues to come from with in with President Obama stating that he lamented that he wasn’t a dictator (“Obama Laments He Is Not a Dictator,” 2013)⁠ and that Constitutional constraints of the executive branch remain in effect.

It’s in this measure that Americans who believe that the state exists to protect the rights of the individual recognize the greatest threat to the Constitution– an oath that many employees of the federal government take– isn’t the external forces of terrorism as the DNI would have us believe but those from with in. This perspective isn’t entirely dismissive either of the DNI since many of those threats are real, but a political focus that must restrain the powers of state instead of the further implementation of fascist crony-ism from Washington D.C. political partnerships and should not be used to finance the usurpation of freedom paid with the dividends of a bankrupt country, sacrificed freedoms, and abuses of power. Each risk is sold in increments of fear (Robinson, 2006) to justify the actions of those grabbing the power⁠. Politicization of intelligence, the use of the military to institute police states and ignoring nacro-states on our borders or those for whom we’ve empowered, not as a matter of national defence but as interventionism on behalf of globalists who don’t pay taxes here and oppressive taxation. To our misfortune all ensure future Americans are as Sara Palin recently called them, “Debt Slaves (T. Lee, 2013)⁠.”


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