Defending Liars: In Defense of President Bush and the War on Terror In Iraq

defending-liars-coverSaddam Hussein is the Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction!

Saddam is the greatest liar of our day and age. If you believe the majority media, you would believe that President Bush was a bigger fabricator of falsehoods than the butcher of Baghdad. Defending Liars tells you why the majority media and their allies in the Democratic Party are working for their re-election and not the success of the war on terrorism. Defending Liars, empowers the troops by telling the under spoken truths about President Bush and the war on Terror in Iraq. Defending Liars tells America where our intelligence community believes the WMDs are and that we know they did exist. We also know who helped Saddam move them out of the country. It sheds like on the media-obsession with Ambassador Wilson and Saddam’s quest for Nuke’s and provides careful insight into the heart of the American soul. Bloggers are calling this an essential read for conservatives needing the hard cold facts in defense of the war.


Winner of a 2007 EVVY Award for Political Science.


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Howard L. Salter lives in Ocean Springs, Mississippi with his wife and four children. He enjoys recording music and writing and has a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology Management, a Mast of Arts in Intelligence Studies with a Focus on Antiterrorism and is working towards a PhD in Health Care Administration with a focus on economics and regulatory compliance.






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